image of corrosion with water samples before and after

Vietec Heating Ltd have chosen to use Elysator Products as we have found them to be the best in the market in our opinion.

Elysator’s galvanic system utilises principles proven over 50 years to deliver water treatment methods that focus on prevention rather than cure.  Their sacrificial magnesium anodes strictly control the causal elements of corrosion to stringent levels.

Elysator goes on to maintain and protect your closed loop networks and engineers an environment which is hostile to both corrosion and bacteria. 

Elysator technology engineers your network’s water to control the causal elements that allow corrosion and bacteria to thrive, creating a hostile environment for both. They comply with Europe’s most stringent water quality standards including VDI2035 and have eradicated the use of chemical additives, from pre-commissioning cleaning and flushing of new systems to cleaning through and then maintaining existing networks.

They innovated the use of electrochemistry in closed loop water treatment and have over 50 years of experience in delivering chemical free water treatment to residential, commercial and industrial projects. Their 14 offices have delivered more than 70,000 installations globally to both land based and maritime projects. 

When we use the Elysator products we leave your networks with clean demineralised water with controlled oxygen giving you the most effective energy transfer from your heating and chilled water networks. As well as reducing site logistics, service visits and boosting efficiency with less energy, using these methods reduces tons of chemicals from entering waste streams each year. 

Particulate in systems causes components to work harder and inefficiently – causing multiple, repeated failures and downtime, leading to increased engineer call outs and occupier complaints. Elysator products make this water engineering issue a problem of the past. We have found huge benefits to operational efficacy, and cite reliability above all other benefits for staying loyal to Elysator as we see measurable results.

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